The counseling staff provides students with educational and occupational information and assists students in interpreting and recognizing their abilities, interest and needs while in school. Each student develops a four-year high school plan with his/her counselor at the end of the eighth grade. This plan is revised yearly in accordance with the student's expectations and career goals.

Counselors are readily available to assist students with:

  1. Personal concerns

  2. Selection of academic courses

  3. Selection of college or vocational schools

  4. Employment opportunities

  5. Information on financial aid

  6. Choice of future occupations

  7. Selection of extracurricular programs

  8. Increasing academic or social achievement

The counseling staff is available to students from 7:30 AM-2:30 PM daily or by appointment. Please call Deborah Sanchez at Ext. 411 to arrange for an appointment or stop in and one can be scheduled.



If you would like to see a counselor please fill out the Google form.

Once submitted and after your counselor has reviewed this information, an appointment will be made for you to meet with your counselor. Please make sure to check your email for your appointment date and time.

At the time of your appointment, your counselor will bring you from your class to the Counseling office. 


It's that time of year! Here's some info about college visits & instant admissions.

Students should go to the Counseling Office to get a pass for the meeting they would like to attend. Meetings take place in the PPS Conference Room. If you are interested in speaking with the representative for instant admissions, please come to the guidance office to make an appointment and to receive more information regarding the application process.