Guidance - 966-5070 ext. 453

Counselors are available to give assistance to students regarding school and personal problems. The guidance staff provides students with educational and occupational information and assists students in interpreting and recognizing their abilities, interest and needs while in school. Another role of our Counselors is to increase communication between home and school. Although regularly scheduled conferences are held throughout the school year, students are invited to visit the guidance office whenever a question or problem arises.

It is recommended that students visit the guidance office during their study hall and/or lunch periods. If it is necessary to leave an academic subject class or study hall a pass signed by the teacher in charge is required.

Counselors are readily available to assist students with:

  1. Personal problems

  2. choice of courses

  3. choice of future occupations

  4. selection of extracurricular programs

  5. poor school achievement.

Each student develops a four-year high school plan with his/her counselor at the end of the eighth grade. This plan is revised yearly in accordance with the student's expectations and career goals. Parents are included in this plan and any subsequent revisions.

Schedule changes or a request to drop a course made after the first two weeks of school will not be permitted. A conference with teachers, guidance counselors and principal will be required in considering any course changes.

Parents are encouraged to call Michelle Fisher, the Middle School Guidance Counselor, to discuss the educational program or emotional health of their child. Appointments can be made by calling the guidance office, at 966-5190 ext 453.


The Greenville Central School awards an Honor Letter on the basis of points accumulated in various types of school activities. Students in grades six, seven and eight who are willing to work hard and put forth the extra effort may earn their Junior ‘g’.

The regulations governing these awards are as follows:

  1. The number of points which must be earned before an award may be approved is 27.

  2. If a student has earned the required 27 points and satisfactorily meets all the other requirements, the student may receive an award at the end of the seventh grade. If a student is unable to earn the necessary 27 points, the points earned during seventh grade will be carried over into eight grade.

  3. An individual pupil record of points earned shall be in the possession of the Middle School Advisor. Students are encouraged to review their records.

  4. If a pupil earns a letter and permits any person, other than himself or herself to display it in any manner, it is to be forfeited.

  5. All points, except those for scholarship, shall be awarded only on the recommendation of the teacher in charge of the activity.

  6. All points granted by teachers shall be reviewed, approved and certified by the Middle School Principal.

Listed below are some of the Greenville Middle School activities in which you can participate:

  • Modified Track

  • Modified Soccer

  • Modified Baseball/Softball

  • All County

  • Junior FFA

  • Honor/Merit Roll

  • Modified Golf

  • Modified Cross Country

  • Modified Basketball

  • Middle School Student Council

  • National Junior Honor Society

  • Middle School Yearbook