Scott M. Ellis Elementary School

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October 30, 2020

Dear Families,

     I am grateful that all of our procedures have kept students safe from covid during this recent exposure, but as we said last week, we can still learn a lot from this experience.  Here are some of the highlights from our learning:

  • Mask breaks have been moved to times when only the classroom teacher and the lunchtime aide are in the classroom with children.

  • PE classes will be dispersed throughout the building. 

  • Children will be taught a larger set of recess games, which will encourage social distancing (this is important as colder weather arrives and restricts our use of playground equipment).  Play will remain at the cohort level, and children will continue to wear masks at recess.

  • Time between art, music, and PE classes have been extended wherever possible. This will allow us to reduce overlapping groups within our hallways.

     Additionally, students in grades K-5 (who have been assigned an iPad/chromebook) will bring their device home every night.  Having devices at home will allow us to quickly  “flip” to fully remote learning. We ask that parents leave the device in the backpack and not use it at home. Teachers will take care of charging the devices at school.

     Parents can help by removing unnecessary items from your child(ren)’s backpacks.  Children should not be bringing toys, or extra clothing on a daily basis.  If an extra sweater is desired, please label the clothing with your child’s name and it will be kept at your child’s desk.

We look forward to reopening for in-person students. See you on Monday (Nov.2)!


Peter Mahan

Elementary Principal