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March 5, 2021

Dear Families,

This month we are celebrating the importance of FRIENDSHIP.  Good friends show that they care for others by using kind words and respectful actions.  When we talk about friendship, it is important to talk about behaviors that hurt friendships.  We hope that these “kid-friendly” definitions help parents discuss this important topic at home.  

  • Friend - A friend is a person who treats you with respect and kindness. A friend cares for you everyday, and they show it with their words and actions.

  • Joking - Joking is sharing a funny story with others. EVERYONE is laughing, and no one is feeling like they are being made fun of by others.

  • Teasing - Teasing is saying something to make someone else feel bad, even if the person uses words that make it seem funny. Teasing is NOT the same as joking. It is never ok to tease others about their clothes, appearance, speech, or habits. 

  • Mean - Mean behavior is the opposite of friendly behavior.  Meanness is disrespectful, and unkind behavior between peers who have equal power.

  • Bullying - Bullying is when people use word power or body power to control or hurt another person. Bullies embarrass and “target” others.  Bullying behavior is not something that happens once… the bad behavior happens again and again, and a grown up is needed to make it stop.


Peter Mahan

Elementary Principal

*** Some Ellis families have Parent-Teacher Conferences on March 11th and 19th. *** All Elementary students will be dismissed at 11:30 on these days.