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March 31, 2021

Dear Families,

For all of our families celebrating Passover, or preparing for Easter, we wish you a wonderful spring holiday season!  As a reminder, our Spring Recess begins on Monday, April 5. The school will reopen on Monday, April 12.

Some families may be traveling during the school holiday. The Governor has removed restrictions on interstate travel, however, we encourage all of our families to remember that other covid precautions remain in place: mask use, hand washing, and social distancing are key to good health!

During March, all of our students read the book, “Making Friends Is an Art.” We discussed strong and healthy friendships.  Parents may want to reinforce the main ideas from our story and classroom discussions while at home:

  • A good friend encourages, supports, uses kind words and demonstrates kind actions

  • Good friends are truthful, keep promises, and are loyal

  • It is good to ask: How can I be helpful to my friends?

Our all-school read along, the One School, One Book program, begins on April 12.  Clues about the book title will be shared on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings after break.  Students will learn the title of our book, and receive their family’s copy on Wednesday, April 14.  Parents will receive simple directions with your copy of the book on April 14.

Finally, one of our goals is to help every student master the math facts for their grade level.  We are pleased to see so many children master their facts!  If your child has not mastered their facts, please spend time playing and practicing math facts (car rides are a great time for practicing).   If you are unsure of the facts that are needed, please contact your child’s teacher.


Peter Mahan

Elementary Principal