Perception Survey 2023

We want your feedback!

How are our students doing?  What do you enjoy about your child’s school?  What is working/not working?  What do we want Greenville to look like in the future?  How do we align what we do to our District Mission of Greenville Central School where everyone learns, teaches, and belongs?  

As a learning organization, we are constantly evaluating how we are doing and identifying ways to continuously improve.  We are conducting our annual survey to get feedback from members of our school community.  Faculty, staff, and students were asked to complete a survey to gain their perspectives in recent weeks.  Parents/guardians are an integral part of this process as well and we are asking for your thoughts/feedback. 

Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey appropriate to your child’s/children's school building(s). Your input is truly important and valued in our process as we reflect and focus our work to keep moving Greenville Central School in a positive direction. The survey links will be open until April 30.  Thank you!