In the event of a two hour delay:

At the Elementary School

  • UPK program begins at 10:40am

  • K-5 begins at 9:55am and follows their regular schedules.

  • Breakfast is not served.

At the Middle/High School

  • Breakfast is not served

  • There is no morning Questar

  • The adjusted bell schedule is:

    • Warning Bell 10:06am

    • Period 1 10:08am-10:35am

    • Period 2 10:38am-11:08am

    • Period 3 11:11am-11:41am

    • Period 4 11:44am-12:14pm

    • Period 5 12:17pm-12:47pm

    • Period 6 12:50pm-1:17pm

    • Period 7 1:20pm - 1:47pm

    • Period 8 1:50pm-2:16pm

    • Period 9 2:19pm-2:45pm

In the event of a snow day, the Middle/High School letter day calendar changes. For example, if Monday is an A Day and we have a snow day, when students return to school on Tuesday it will NOT be a B Day, it will be an A day. The calendar will be adjusted accordingly.

In the event of severe weather conditions which may cause the closing of schools, the following radio and television stations will be notified to broadcast the emergency closing information: