GEF Board of Trustees

Gretchen Coyner
Kathy Ferrer
Margaret Finch
Anne Mitchell
John Mormile
Bonnie Persico
Fred Raskopf
Kris Raskopf
Sara Statham
Julie Woodhull
Olivia Ruso- Student member

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September 15, 2022

October 12, 2022
Location: Library

November 2, 2022

December 7, 2022 canceled

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Potter Hollow School House

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Each of us has the chance to touch the hearts and minds of the next generation.

We can do this together by offering resources for an extra layer of support and innovation to our schools. That’s why we agreed to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Greenville Educational Foundation — to join with other teachers, administrators, business leaders, parents and neighbors to say — regardless of the economic situation of a student’s family — we can enrich, broaden and nurture our young people by making a philanthropic investment in the Greenville Educational Foundation. The Foundation has a much different role than the PTO or the booster club. It is a powerful tool for all of us to provide ongoing enrichment and diverse opportunities that are essential to a strong future.

Our Priorities

We have created a Strategic Action Plan to set a course to identify them. The community and business leaders who served as our Strategic Priorities Advisors deserve and have our gratitude. We are also seeking input from the broader community on our priorities and goals. Our initial priorities emerged from the input received from our Strategic Priorities.


  • To raise visibility of GEF in the community

  • To expand involvement and participation in GEF initiatives

  • To develop, refine and improve our priorities for grantmaking

  • To raise funds for the GEF

  • To refine and communicate effectively the grant process

  • To partner with others in the community

Our Mission

The mission of the Greenville Educational Foundation is to strengthen and enhance the experience of students in the Greenville Central School District by sponsoring program innovations for students and supporting superior teaching and educational leadership. Passionate about excellence in education, the Foundation actively seeks the involvement of individuals, families, businesses and friends of Greenville in all of its initiatives and efforts.

As a grassroots nonprofit, tax-exempt foundation serving the community, the Foundation serves to build the school/community partnership in several ways. Since it receives no tax dollars, the Foundation is an independent organization that works in cooperation with the school district and the Board of Education. Unlike public agencies and PTO’S, the Foundation can create an endowment to generate long-term financial support and enrichment for our children.

Right now, the Foundation is focused on a immigrant program to grow our artist-in-residence series, and use the model created by the Bank of Greene County to establish an intensive mentoring program for high school students in partnership with the business community.

As it grows in support and leadership, the Greenville Educational Foundation seeks broad-based input in an ongoing effort to consider innovations for our students, including distance learning, technology enhancements, wireless service and green, environmentally friendly initiatives.

GEF Board of Trustees

All Trustees serve without compensation, remuneration, or gifting of any type. The Board of Trustees operates separately from the Greenville Central School District and Board of Education.

Those interested in becoming a Trustee of the Foundation Board should contact Fred Raskopf.

Your Support

Your support for the Foundation is essential.

Send your gift to the
Greenville Educational Foundation
PO Box 129, Greenville, NY 12083

The Foundation gratefully accepts gifts of stocks, securities and can assist contributors with gift planning.

Greenville Educational Foundation
PO Box 129 • Greenville, NY 12083

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