Greenville Central School District has a rich history as an extension of one of the earliest chartered schools in New York State. The Greenville Academy was established by the Regents of the University of the State of New York on February 27, 1816. Although the Academy served local students, many students boarded with area families in order to complete their studies. Martin Van Buren, who would later become the President of the United States, made similar arrangements for his son to attend the Greenville Academy.

Greenville Central School District, the first centralized school district in Greene County, opened its doors to students in 1932. This historic event took place at the height of the Great Depression, and allowed 458 students, who had previously attended one-room school houses, access to modern learning opportunities.

The words to the Greenville Central School's Alma Mater was written by Annella (Dinnel) Ingalls and Helen (Potter) Hoker, both from the Class of 1931.


In among the pleasant valley
We see our school so dear,
It will stand for truth and wisdom
Throughout the coming years.
Through the four long years of high school
Midst the scenes we know so well
And our love for Alma Mater
in our thoughts will ever dwell.

We will think of Alma Mater
In every act and deed,
While we work for dear old Greenville
No honors will she need,
Our colors stand before us,
They signify our might,
And recall the days of gladness
‘Neath the old Maroon and White.

The Board of Education, faculty, and staff recognize the exciting history of the school district and the community and are committed to preparing students for the 21st century.


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