Many families have their children participate in private pre-school programs. These programs work to create experiences that prepare students for Kindergarten.

Greenville Central School District also participates in the New York State Universal Pre-K Program. Universal Pre-K (UPK) is a program that provides free pre-kindergarten classes for families who live in the Greenville Central School District. The UPK program is available to children who are 4 years old or turning 4 years old by December 1st. All families are welcome to apply, regardless of income. UPK classes are held five days a week and follow the Greenville Central School District calendar. The UPK classrooms are located at Scott M. Ellis Elementary School and at Ashbury United Methodist Church in Norton Hill. Transportation is not provided by the school district. For more information and to apply for UPK, please contact Lynette Terrell, District Registrar, at 518-966-5070 Ext. 305.