volleyball senior recognition

Last week, we honored our Girls Varisty Volleyball seniors. Here’s what Coach Weaver had to say about them…

Chloe Ross

Your energy and ability to lead this team is unmatched. You have made my job over the past several years so much easier. I know that I’ll only have to say something once (if at all) and then I can count on Chloe to take charge. Watching you go from a silly freshman to a silly role model for the younger players has been so much fun. You are always pushing yourself and thinking of what to do to fix your mistakes. You hold yourself and your teammates to the high expectations I know you can reach. The girl's Modified, JV, and Varsity teams follow under your leadership, which I know to be true because when I start sounding like a broken record: “transition,” “talk to each other,” “cover” with little response, along comes Chloe and all of a sudden we can transition, talk, and cover! Your leadership and attitude will be greatly missed. I know you will do amazing things in your future whether it's fixing small engines, large engines, or pools!

Tristan Gallagher

I have had the pleasure of coaching Tristian for the past two years. I have watched how easily she is able to build relationships with her teammates. These relationships turned into friendships only to grow stronger throughout the volleyball seasons. She is an extremely hard worker. Coming and going straight to work from practices. Tristian’s hard work in practice continues to pay off as she improves her hitting and movement on the court. I know that her hard work will pay off in the future as she transitions to college. No matter what she studies, she will give it her all and continue to build amazing relationships with everyone she meets. Your teammates will miss you, Coach Hughes and I will miss you, but we know you will move on to do great things at SUNY Brockport.

Meryl Horan

Being your coach for the past two years has been a blast. I have watched you come out of your shell and improve your volleyball skills. As the new kid last year you were quiet and tried your hardest every day. While you still give volleyball your all every day, you are no longer the quiet Meryl we once knew. Your spunk mixed with a bit of sass always keeps practice interesting. I don't think we will be able to replace our manager extraordinaire in the future. I know that if you even put half the effort you show at volleyball practice into whatever career path you choose, you will succeed with flying colors. I am so excited for you to continue to grow and one day become an insanely successful doctor.

Congratulations to our seniors!