questar success

High school is a time for exploration and preparation for the future. While traditional academic subjects play a crucial role, Career Tech Programs offer students a chance to delve into hands-on experiences that can shape their career paths. Whether it's the culinary arts or heavy equipment operation, these programs provide students with invaluable skills and a head start in their chosen fields. Greenville High School provides students these opportunities through Questar III.

The school currently has students enrolled in programs like culinary, criminal justice, cosmetology, HVAC, aviation, auto tech, EMT, Nursing CNA, Construction, Heavy Equipment, and more. These programs provide hands-on learning opportunities, promote creativity and innovation, offer real-world experience before students leave high school, and help students secure job opportunities upon graduation.

Culinary program students are obligated to fulfill a designated number of hours within a culinary "internship." This year, our students had the unique opportunity to undertake their internships right here in Greenville, all under the vigilant guidance of Tracy Churchill, our Food Services Manager.

Last month, Superintendent Michael Bennett visited students enrolled in the Questar III BOCES Heavy Equipment program at the Marilyn A. Noonan School at Durham. Students Gianna F., Daren G., David H. and Jonah L., along with instructors Capri Ohara and Erik Nicholsen, gave Mr. Bennett an overview of the Heavy Equipment and Skills USA programs, demonstrated some of the skills they've learned thus far, and even helped him learn the ropes to operate an excavator. He also had the opportunity to test out the heavy equipment simulator in the classroom. Last year, the heavy equipment program had a 100% job placement rate after graduation.

Career Tech programs empower students to explore their interests, develop practical skills, and make informed career choices. These programs serve as a bridge to the professional world, whether students aim to enter the workforce immediately, pursue higher education, or even start their own businesses.

In an ever-evolving job market, Career Tech Programs provide a valuable advantage, setting students on the path to success and equipping them with skills that will serve them throughout their lives. High school is the time for exploration, and Career Tech Programs are the compass guiding students toward their dreams and aspirations. If your student is interested in participating Career Tech program, please have them set up a meeting with their guidance counselor.