Apply for Financial Aid

Need Money for College?

Greenville High School will be hosting a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) night with the assistance of Laura Decker, Assistant Director of Financial Aid from Columbia-Greene Community College.  Students and parents will be given the opportunity to complete and submit their FAFSA applications on-line.  Ms. Decker will also be available to answer any financial aid questions as needed. 

DATE:  October 21st      TIME: 6:00 - 7:30 pm

LOCATION: HS/MS Media Center (Library)

If families could follow the instructions below and create the IDs before that evening, it will save time. 

Visit and create username and password for the student. 

Visit and create a username for at least ONE parent. (If the parent believes they already have an ID, they can click on the MANAGE tab and reestablish their username and password)



They need to bring 2020 Tax Returns, for both the parent(s) and student.

They will also need to bring 2020 W2’s for both the parent(s) and student.


Make sure they bring all relevant SSNs, DOBs and all other demographic information for both the student and the parent(s)

(If the student has a step-parent, their information will also be required)


Please RSVP to the Guidance Office

(518)966-5070 ext. 411 or

By October 15th