The Board of Education wishes to thank all who completed the survey.  Your input is important and appreciated!  At the October 27th BOE meeting, the BOE Members reviewed the following  survey results/responses.

Number of Responses (672)

331 - Parent of a child (children) in the district
125 - Instructional staff member in the district
38 - Student in the district
59 - Non-instructional staff member in the district
119 - Community member without children in school now

 Six Most Important Characteristics:

Can inspire and motivate faculty, staff, and students (4.54)
Exhibits a great deal of integrity (4.51)
Understands current curriculum issues in New York State (4.45)
Can explain educational issues in plain language without talking down to people (4.36)
Is visible and accessible (4.35)
Makes other people feel at ease when talking to them (4.29)

Six Least Important Characteristics:

Has experience with capital construction projects (3.25)
Has been a practicing superintendent (3.22)
Has been a central office administrator (3.11)
Is professionally active at the local, state and national levels (3.02)
Has an earned doctorate (2.73)
Has published articles and/or books on education (1.97