Buy in Greene

For the third year running, the HS chorus and music technology students have collaborated with "Buy in Greene" to produce their holiday video and radio advertisement. This year, the producer Mark Gustavson, gave a radio interview on WRIP explaining the ad, and the outstanding work our students have done.

The ad has been live on social media since November, and is airing on local radio (WRIP and The Cat). The chorus students recorded all the backing vocals, and the music technology class created and mixed each instrumental part for this year's ad - a reworking of "The Most Wonderful Day of the Year." Finally, Mark sang the lead vocal with the students' backing track. A huge "thank you" to the GCS students for their outstanding work!

HS Chorus Singers (vocals):

  • Fiona Allen
  • Carmela Bucci
  • Riley Hempsted
  • Chris Henderson
  • Liv Ruso
  • Michael Semaska
  • Nate Storrs
  • Jack VanGorden

Music Tech Students (editing, mixing, instruments):

  • Carmela Bucci
  • Rhianna Costello
  • Emma Croote
  • Clara De Long
  • Chris Hubicki
  • John Kropp
  • Alexis Langlois
  • Lily McCoy
  • Matt Stewart